Sunday, 14 November 2010


BEE J beefed up by MUSCLES!!
Sarawak Bodybuilding Champions- (From left to right) Hoan Kee Huang, George Awi and Donny Fam patronised Bee J's stall at C121
The 3 Sarawak Bodybuilding Champions are not flexing their muscles but thumbs up for Bee J.

Bodybuilders are highly disciplined athletes – they know the dos and don’ts of the sport especially when it comes to food intake. They maintain very strict diet regime, constantly battling their urges to consume junk food, overeat and skip on workouts. But in front of Bee J You Tiao, these 3 Bodybuilding Champions from Kuching, Sarawak simply couldn’t resist!

Despite having to watch their diet, the 3 musclemen have no qualm about eating Bee J You Tiao.

In fact, bodybuilding is not so popular in Sarawak or even in Malaysia. The government and general public do not actually consider bodybuilding as a sport. To them, it is more akin to a beauty contest like Ms. Malaysia, Ms. Sarawak or Ms. Tourism due to the way bodybuilders posing their physiques and flexing their muscles on stage. 

After winning the titles of Mr. Sarawak, Mr. Borneo, Mr. Malaysia, Mr. Asean, Mr. Asia and even other international titles, Malaysia bodybuilders are no better off and definitely no way close to what Arnold Schwarzenegger has achieved. People are quite ignorant on what it takes for a bodybuilder- training wise, to develop such a physique to be on stage and compete.

George Awi

George Awi was crowned with Mr. Malaysia before, this year he had muscled his way from Mr Kuching to the Champion of Champions title at the Mr Sarawak Bodybuilding Championship 2010 in Sibu held in June, and Mr 1Malaysia Kuching 2010 held in August. He came in second in Mr Borneo 2010 held at Kota Kinabalu on 9th October 2010 for Middleweight category.
 Hoan Kee Huang (范继璜) 
In spite of always being crowned the champion each time he is on Sarawak Bodybuilding stage, Hoan Kee Huang (范继璜) (first from the right) in fact is not a typical type of bodybuilder. He is a renowned self-taught artist in Sarawak whose art works always depict the culture and customs of the indigenous people of Sarawak.  He is a multi-faceted man who makes bodybuilding fans take notice whenever he steps on the stage.
Donny Fam 

As a  newcomer in the bodybuilding arena, Donny Fam has won the title of Mr. Borneo 2010 held in Kota Kinabalu in light middleweight category not long after he bagged Mr. 1Malaysia Kuching 2010 in Mr. Novice category held in August. 

Can you imagine that the Kuching bodybuilders actually had to cram into an express boat and travelled from Kuching to Sibu to participate in a bodybuilding competition in Sibu. They were not even provided with budget air tickets.  Then, four of the big muscle guys had to pack into a small Sibu hotel room with 2 sleeping on the beds and 2 on the floor. Being bodybuilders, they are not small and petite!! When they were crowned with the titles, what they received were just trophies and beverage as prizes.  Then after returning home, it was like nothing had happened. It was truly demoralizing and made them felt unappreciated.

Their efforts went largely unnoticed and unrewarded. Many bodybuilders are left to carry not only the heavy weights to train their bodies but are also burdened with huge financial weights imposed by their sport. Little, if anything, is being done to help them. It is basically the love and the passion for the sport that keep them going. Otherwise, they would have turned their backs on it long ago.

How much the Sarawak Bodybuilding Champions love Bee J You Tiao, let
 the photos speak for themselves

Some people think that bodybuilders are muscle heads and cocky!! But for sure that these 3 Bodybuilding Champions not only have muscles, they are good looking, fun, friendly and have great laughter.
Bodybuilder’s goal is to produce the best physique on stage, Bee J’s goal is to produce the best products for customers and they share one common value –it requires discipline to produce the best.

Saturday, 13 November 2010


Bee J Super Satay and Bee J Super Otak-otak filled in Bee J You Tiao wrapped with lettuce and crepe have became the best sellers even on the first night they hit the market on 12th November, 2010  at Premier 101 .

必佳最新油条产品= 必佳超级沙爹 必佳超级Otak-Otak12-11-2010次在Premier 101 粉墨登场便随即成为当晚最畅销的油条产品。

Bee J Super Otak-otak is fish cake made from mackerel fish (locally known as ikan tenggiri) with a mixture of spices and definitely do not have any fishy smell. The puree is then filled in Bee J You Tiao, topped with special made coconut sauce and then wrapped with lettuce and crepe (pancake).


Bee J Super Satay
For Bee J Super Satay, chicken breast meat is used, then topped with not too sweet and spicy satay sauce filled in Bee J You Tiao and wrapped with lettuce and crepe.   

Bee J Special Kaya
Bee J you cha kueh topped with Bee J Special Kaya which contained less sugar attracted heaps of fans from Kuching and elsewhere 

Chicken Floss + mayo
Chicken floss + mayo = simply irresistible

肉松加美奶滋 简直让你无法抗拒。

Mayonnaise + Butter
Mayonnaise + butter = mayonnaise lover or customer who loves a bit tangy sour taste.

Sausage + Mayonnaise
Bee J You Tiao filled with chicken sausage is another popular product among the food lovers.     

Bee J Plain You Tiao
If you want a plain perfect bite, try plain Bee J You Tiao

For more Bee J you tiao, please also visit:

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


BEE J has opened its 4th stall on Friday, 12.11.2010 at Feng’s Café, Premier 101, Kuching, Sarawak (Business hour: every evening from 6:00 p.m. till 12:30 a.m. except Sunday night). Apart from serving Bee J You Tiao with the popular Bee J Special Kaya + butter, chicken floss + mayonnaise, sausage + mayonnaise and mayonnaise + butter, 3 new products will be launched, they are Bee J Super Otakx2, Bee J Super Satay and Bee J Chicken Congee (no ajinamoto).    
12.11.2010 - Bee J first night operation at Feng's Carfe, Premier 101
If you love otak-otak, if you love satay, if you are a food lover, if you feel like trying something different, Bee J You Tiao filled with Bee J Super Satay topped with tantalizing peanut sauce and Bee J Super Otak-Otak topped with special made coconut sauce, both wrapped in lettuce and crepe are definitely more than just for you to munch on.

Bee J's first customer at Bee J's first night at Premier 101 with his first bite on Bee J Super Otakx2.  Feedback: Simply Delicious!

Bee J Super Otakx2
Otak-otak (some call it Fish Mousse) also known as otah-otah, otah or otak, is one of Malaysia’s famous local food originally came about as a delicious traditional Nyonya dish and now easily available anywhere in Malaysia.

Otak-otak is actually fish cake made from fish flesh (usually mackerel or locally known as ikan tenggiri) or by mixing fish paste with a mixture of spices. The puree is then wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled over an open charcoal fire.

Otak-Otak is also a favourite snack eaten on its own. Since its main ingredient is the white flesh of fish high in protein with only a small quantity of coconut milk, the fat content of the otak-otak is quite low and it makes for a nutritionally healthy addition to the weight -watcher's diet.

At Bee J’s 4th stall at Feng’s Café situates at Premier 101, Kuching, you will find this savoury snack made from fresh fish flesh (no fishy smell) filled in Bee J You Tiao, topped with special sauce, lettuce and crepe, which is one of the latest and unique products developed by Bee J.

“Otak” means Brain in Malay. If anyone interested of getting “double brain” (Otak-otak), then you must not miss Bee J Super Otakx2 – it is really a delight to eat and you will enjoy the surprise.

Satay with no stick but in Bee J You Tiao

Bee J Super Satay
Satay or Sate or meat-on-a-stick is another popular dish in Malaysia, while the popular kinds of satay are usually beef and chicken satays, Bee J has developed its own unique variation of satay with distinctive taste and style– Bee J Super Satay in Bee J You Tiao served with rich satay sauce and wrapped in lettuce and crepe (pancake).

Bee J special made satay sauce is sweet (less) and spicy (but not too spicy for those that can't handle their chili). The coarsely crushed peanut in the sauce give you the taste of crunchiness and the aroma of the sauce gives off is enough to leave you salivating. For the chicken, breast meat is used. Lemongrass and turmeric among the myriad of herbs and spices that use to marinade the meat and give the meat the distinct taste and fragrance.

Food historians are not certain where satay originated from. Some say it may have originated in Indonesia and invented by the Javanese. Some say it was Arab traders who brought it to the region. Other say it may have originated from Straits Chinese and people used to refer it to “sa teh” (pronounce in Hokkien) which means 3 pieces of meat in each stick, the Malay can’t pronounce it properly later simplified it to Satay or sate. Some even believe the word “satay” more likely a corruption of the English word ‘steak’, because Asians tend to have trouble pronouncing consonants together, particularly the letters ‘s’ and ‘t’.

But what's certain is, satay is one of our Malaysia's all time favourite street foods. 

Satay is highly versatile, not only making a great starter or snack, be served as part of a barbeque menu, it now can also be eaten with Bee J You Tiao and served as your main meal.

Crisp and Soft is the trade mark of Bee J You Tiao

Bee J Congee Chicken
After having the savoury Bee J Super Otak- Otak and Satay, if you want to have something plain, Bee J plain You Tiao dip in warm Bee J Congee Chicken (no ajinamoto) will be your best choice.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bee J's FACTORS [Snapshots of Bee J You Tiao at Expert (老行家)]

Behind this golden brown, crisp and soft Bee J You Tiao is Bee J's factors...

 Snapshots of Bee J You Tiao at Expert (老行家)

 Good attitude and diligence

Good Coordination

Eyes on, hands on and HEART on 
Good customer service and willing to improve attitude
Good ambience

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bee J You Tiao at C121, Stutong, Kuching

A write up about Bee J You Tiao by International Times( 国际时报 )on 19.3.2010

The chinese words literally mean "Outside crispy inside soft 1 foot long big you tiao"

Bee J's workers are all trained to serve value customers with the best you tiao.

Bee J workers always know how to interact with customers!

Yes, Bee J you tiao is 12 inches long...

Thanks to customers who have been waiting patiently...

 All the workers know how to coordinate with each other well in spite of limited space.  







古晋的食客一般会买油条来配咖啡、粥、绿豆爽或肉骨茶,但前来购买Bee J油条的许多食客也不时会向Bee J 提议说油条配或涂抹辣椒酱、乳酪、酱油、牛奶也很好吃。


Thursday, 16 September 2010


Photo of 湛爱玲 reprinted at courtesy of

You tiao or yu char kway has been put in the limelight in Kuching during and after the Astro Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition 2010 where the one participant from Kuching, Mdm. Tam Sien Yeong has captured the audiences throughout the whole nation.
Tam Sien Yong has been selling you tiao for the past 15 years, she has won the champion and all the subsidiary titles for the competition in August, 2010.
Thanks to Tam Sien Yong, Bee J You Tiao becomes even more popular and sells like hot cakes especially during weekend and public holiday.

自从来自古晋的“油条歌后”湛爱玲2010 经典名曲歌唱大赛唱响人生,辉煌十年中歌赛中一炮而红以后,Bee J(必佳)油条也沾了她的光,大受欢迎,更有不少客人以为Bee J 油条的老板娘就是湛爱玲!其实不是.

湛爱玲卖了十五年的油条,Bee J, 原名“Bee Jay”则是在2005年开始在七哩的Jolly Food Court 营业,后来在200911月在史都东的C121设立第二个摊位,今年3月在四哩半的老行家设了第三家。 今年6月,Bee J 结束了七哩的档口并迁移到King Centre Mega One  

Bee J 原名 Bee Jay 就是在Jolly Food Court的这个档口开始发迹




爱玲在舞台上向全国观众抛出的“我的油条是最好吃的”为她带来了“油条歌后”的名衔,在湛爱玲的家乡古晋更掀起油条热,也让更多人留意到Bee J油条,每逢假期及周末都会出现排队的现象。

"Let me be first."
除了古晋的食客外,Bee J油条也获得了不少来自外省,西马甚至海外食客的青睐,Bee J最讲究的是油条的品质,新鲜的油,上等的面粉,一尺的长度、一定的厚度及金黄的颜色,现炸现卖,炸出来的油条要让顾客咬下去有那外脆内软的口感。尽管油价,糖,鸡蛋,面粉相继起价,但是Bee J在用料及品质方面决不妥协,因为油条好不好吃,绝对逃不过顾客的味蕾,从越来越多顾客喜欢吃Bee J油条,足以证明Bee J 油条已经得到了广大群众的肯定。